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As you get older, you have the potential for developing poor circulation. This is most noticeable on your extremities. Your legs can become a primary source of this problem. There are many reasons for this including activities that you do, or do not do, plus genetic problems.

There are certain signs that you will initially notice if you do have poor circulation in your legs. There are also ways to make the problem manageable. Here is an overview of the many symptoms and signs that will clearly show that you may have poor circulation in your legs. But as with any medical condition, it’s always best to consult a local vein doctor in Simi Valley, CA for professional advice.

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Signs Of Poor Circulation

There are certain signs that both you and your physician can look for if you do have poor circulation in your legs.

  1. Spider Veins
  2. Heaviness in legs and feet
  3. Skin discolorations

The most obvious sign is that you have developed what are called spider veins on your legs. These are also called varicose veins. You may also notice a definitive heaviness in your feet and legs when you walk.

Skin discolorations may start to occur in the form of red blotches. Your feet and legs may also start to swell for no reason. Weeping skin, ulcers, pelvic pain, and restless leg syndrome are additional signs that you have poor circulation.

How To Treat Poor Circulation In Your Legs

After visiting your physician, they will likely recommend certain activities and procedures to improve this condition. The most obvious request that they will make is that you become more active. Most of the people that develop this condition find themselves standing for long periods of time. They may also have a lack of mobility in their everyday activities.

Smoking has been shown to cause this problem to exacerbate. By quitting your smoking habit, elevating your legs, and even wearing compression stockings, you will start to see this condition improving.

Three Ways to Prevent This Condition from Prematurely Occurring

There are some people that will never have problems with leg circulation. However, if you are genetically predisposed to developing this condition, there are things that you can do to prevent this from getting out of control.

First of all, you need to consider eating a healthy diet. A diet that is free from unhealthy fat, and especially excessive amounts of salt, can help prevent the condition from getting worse. Second, you should manage blood pressure at all times. Keeping your blood pressure at nominal levels, it will prevent the expansion of your veins which is what leads to varicose veins developing.

Finally, you can also see a vascular surgeon just to make sure that you are not developing poor circulation in your legs. At the very least, if you already have this problem, the vascular surgeon can help you remedy the situation.

They can easily remove the varicose veins from your legs, or cause them to collapse, and do so without affecting their appearance. Using the strategies, and these experts, you will be able to manage poor circulation in your legs.

There are millions of people that develop poor circulation in their legs. This can occur with young people, middle-aged individuals, and the elderly at any time. If you would like to treat this condition or prevent it from happening, you now know exactly what to do.

As long as you are maintaining proper blood pressure levels, getting exercise, and eating healthy, you can prevent this condition from occurring or getting worse if you have it already. By using compression stockings, elevating your legs, and following a regular workout routine, you can begin to treat this condition when you see the signs of poor circulation developing in your legs and get back on track to better vein health before contacting a vein doctor in Simi Valley, CA.

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