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The circulatory system is crucial in running the body, which means that if it is not in peak condition, many things can go wrong. For instance, if blood flow to a particular body part decreases, you will experience some symptoms. It is best to know them to pinpoint when your body’s state is deteriorating and act accordingly either seeing the doctor or a specialist vascular surgeon in Glendale, CA.

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Poor blood circulation is a result of other underlying issues in the body. Therefore, ascertain they are tended to together with the symptoms. Also, check-in with your doctor if you have an underlying condition like obesity. The chances are high that it has caused it. The above shows the common symptoms of poor circulation.

1. Problems with Digestion

Digestion is dependent on blood flow. When poor, the issue could be due to fatty matter collected in the blood vessels’ lining in the abdomen. Some of the problems related to a reduced blood flow in your digestive system entail diarrhea, cramping, blood in stool, and abdominal pain.

2. Changes in Skin Color

This symptom is undoubtedly hard to miss since your skin may look splotchy- covered with different colored spots. It occurs because of the failure of arterial blood to reach your blood tissues. As a result, your skin becomes either blue or pale and sometimes purple if there is blood leakage from capillaries. The affected areas include the hands, ears, nose, feet, nipples, and lips.

3. Feet and Hands Become Cold

Once you notice the temperature of your feet and hands drop, that translates to a reduced blood flow. It mainly occurs in your toes and fingers while your body maintains its warm temperature.

4. You May Experience Numbness and Tingling

Both occur mostly in the hands and feet. They are caused by Raynaud’s disease, which leads to a limit in the blood supply. The affected areas become numb up to the time that blood flows back, and as a result, they tingle.

5. Swelling

Edema is a condition that comes about when there is poor circulation which leads to fluid accumulation in some parts of the body like ankles and legs. It is essential to check in with your doctor since it could signify heart failure. Edema can also occur in the lower extremities due to blood collection. Also, fluid is pushed into surrounding tissues due to pressure build-up in the blood vessels. Its symptoms include stiff joints, heaviness, pain in the affected area, and tight warm skin.

The above are some of the symptoms of poor circulation. Ensure you contact your doctor if you have been experiencing any of these symptoms. Please don’t let them worsen, as you will only be putting your life at risk. Keep in mind that they are easy to treat when known early. Also, inquire about managing any underlying vascular conditions that may be ailing you and cause poor circulation.

However, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right. It will take you a long way. Also, consider frequent body check-ups with a vascular surgeon like the Encino Vascular Institute to counter any conditions or symptoms from occurring beforehand. They can be contacted at (818) 908-9752 or by visiting 16311 Ventura Blvd Suite 1080p, Encino, CA 91436.

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