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If you suffer from varicose veins and want to prevent it from worsening, this is for you. However, suppose you don’t even know how it comes about; this is how it develops due to risk factors like pregnancy, age, sitting or standing for an extended period, family history, and obesity, among others. The good news is there are ways to prevent varicose veins from developing and worsening to the point that you’d need to consult a vascular surgeon in Santa Clarita, CA and you will discover that in a moment.

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Before that, it is best to know that they are unsightly; that is, unpleasant to look at. Therefore, if you love showing off your legs in shorts, skirts, or dresses, you may have to think twice about it. The following are ways to prevent varicose veins.

Make Working Out Routine

Your legs are crucial in blood circulation since they help push blood to your heart via veins. Therefore, consider running or walking to improve blood circulation and prevent vein dysfunction since your muscles will be working against gravity. Schedule at least thirty minutes for exercising daily. It will lower blood pressure while strengthening the circulatory system.

Besides that, exercising will hinder the appearance of new varicose veins, which is great. Also, there is the need to lose weight if your doctor has rendered you obese. This is because you are placing so much stress on your legs than they can handle.

As a result, there will be new varicose veins formation. The benefits of losing weight include reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes and stroke. Visit your doctor and inquire how many kilograms you should lose and fight to maintain a healthy weight.

Be Conscious About Your Posture

You have to be intentional about practicing good posture to improve blood circulation. It would be best to avoid crossing your legs while sitting since it prevents proper blood flow.

Wear Compression

This should be done as soon as you notice vein formation on the legs or after venous ultrasound. A compression hose is a great investment that can be purchased over the counter. However, ensure that you get the prescription strength from the doctor because it can’t be bought blindly. It would be best to have a compression hose with the right fit and compression level. It helps blood flow back to the heart easy by applying pressure on the lower leg and ankle.

Make Adjustments to Your Wardrobe

Once you realize that you have varicose veins, you must wear soft and loose apparel. In addition to that, you will need to stop wearing heels and put on flat shoes. Your legs should not be strained; it will worsen things.

The above are things you could do to prevent varicose veins. However, note that medical treatment will improve its signs and symptoms if these ways do not work. Some of these treatments include sclerotherapy, laser-based, and phlebectomy.

You must ensure not to engage your legs in strenuous activities. This is because your condition will only aggravate, and who wants that? Remember to engage your legs in physical activity to improve blood circulation daily. For any additional concerns it’s best to reach out to your physician or vascular surgeon in Santa Clarita, CA for more information.

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