People that live and work in Los Angeles love what they are able to do on a regular basis. It’s an exciting and fun area where the weather is pleasant all year round. When they want to get out and enjoy the sights, they are able to do so.

One thing that many people love to do is hike the trails and in West Los Angeles, there are plenty of them that people will love. Spending the day out in nature will really make them feel alive. They will enjoy so much of the time that they are out there having fun.

Top Walking Routes in LA

Walking routes are fantastic for people that want to stay in shape and get out and enjoy nature. They will see plenty of great sights and also experience some challenging terrain. Here are 5 of the best walking routes in West Los Angeles:

  1. Griffith Park – Bronson Canyon

With a lot of great scenery, this walking trail boasts the Hollywood sign and people will have a lot of opportunities to take pictures for their memories. There is a ’60s era Batcave along this route that people just love to spend some time admiring. Visit Griffith Park

  1. Hollywood Hills – The Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak

This is a 3-mile loop that people really enjoy. The Wisdom Tree is at the top of the trail. People should visit it when they are hiking. It is said to be the only surviving tree from the year 2007 when a wildfire destroyed mostly everything else. Visit Hollywood Hills

  1. Malibu – The Grotto Trail

Great scenery also marks this trail. The trail itself isn’t extremely difficult but people should expect to get hot and sweaty as they traverse the trail. It will definitely give them a workout. This is a trail that many people use when they want to get into shape and stay in shape. Visit the Grotto Trailhead

  1. Studio City – Wilacre Park

There is a fork in this trail where the right is more challenging and the left side of the fork leads to a quick hike. Pokémon is popular along this trail and it doubles as a Pokéstop. People have a great time playing this game and they enjoy the hiking the trail too.

  1. Ladera Heights – Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

One of the most scenic walks in LA. People love to see the ocean views and also Griffith Park. Hikers are able to enjoy the Japanese garden, running paths and picnic areas too. Spending a day on this trail is well worth the time for many residents of the area and also for visitors too.

These trails are awesome and they give the people of West Los Angeles and the visitors to the area a lot of great ways to enjoy their time. They can enjoy nature at its finest and fabulous scenery. People that love to hike the trails stay in great shape and have a large amount of energy. They live life to the fullest.